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BVE Tools

Hints & Tips

Texture Mapping


You will see in my routes I use the cube and cylinder commands extensively. These are easy and fast to use IMO.

To texture map them (see my route objects for examples) all you really have to know is the numbering order of the verticies of the object, then you can apply texture coordinates. With a plain rectangular texture it is impossible to do 'cubic' mapping, but objects such as buildings are very simple, as you can texture 4 out of the 6 sides easily, and just make sure you can't see the other 2 sides (easy in BVE; you can never see more than three sides of a cube)

Cube verticies are numbered as per the picture.

Cylinders are just a series of rectangular panels, the number of which you specify in the command to make up the cylinder. The picture 'peels' the skin off to show the mapping - it just repeats itself in a mirror image.


Useful tools for BVE

English version of the Train Editor (49 kb zip)